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The ACE Process

Learn and problem-solve with the ACE process!

The ACE process is a straightforward and effective three-step approach for tackling problems and learning new topics, such as changing behaviors and improving skills. It can be applied to individual topics, small or large teams, or entire organizations and ideally takes only a few minutes to complete.

The process, which comes from design thinking, works in the following way:

1. Address (A): Understand and define the problem or challenge precisely and frame it as a question, such as “How can we…?” or “What can we do to…?”

2. Create (C): Brainstorm ideas to solve the challenge. Set a time limit for brainstorming, e.g., 90 seconds, and encourage individual idea generation before sharing as a group. Quantity matters, and every idea counts! Then select the best 2-4 ideas.

3. Execute (E): Implement the ideas, evaluate their effectiveness, and optimize the solutions as needed. Monitor progress throughout.


The HR team of a large company faces inefficiencies in their weekly meetings. Using the ACE process, the team leader, Alex, introduces the approach to his team. They address the issue with a specific question: “What can we do to make our team meetings more efficient?” They then brainstorm ideas and select the top four to implement:

1. Shorten meetings to 45 minutes.

2. Set an agenda for each meeting.

3. Assign a new protocol writer weekly.

4. Introduce a visible pinboard for communication.

The team then plans the implementation of these ideas ….and concludes the process with a well-deserved coffee break.

Key Takeaways:

The ACE process is not only simple and effective but also fun. It empowers individuals and teams to address and solve challenges step by step, promoting learning and engagement within the company. Regular use of ACE fosters creativity, innovation, and dynamic teams. The process can also be applied to personal challenges and relationships, leading to valuable learning and competent problem-solving skills.

“Let’s ACE it!” has become a habitual problem-solving approach in many companies, enhancing learning competence within their teams. It can also be applied to personal challenges within different contexts and relationships.

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